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I read I Miss the World by Violet LeVoit on the (non-personal) recommendation of [ profile] nihilistic_kid. While I didn't find it as mind-bendy as all the review quotes pumped it up to be, I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it highly. It's a short read, almost all dialogue (held in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery), and if you like unreliable narrators you will love this book forever.

Since it's a small-press book, here's a link for more info:

Now I am reading The Lost-Time Accidents by John Wray. I have no idea who recommended this book to me or why I picked it up, but so far I like it. It might have something to do with having a tiny hard-on for stuff set in what would become "Eastern Europe" (really Mitteleuropa) roughly between the Franco-Prussian War and World War II. It seems so uncharacteristic of me overall, and really overly specific to boot, and yet here we are. P.S. do not talk to me of steampunk. Not my thing. See what I mean?

I feel like I'm missing another book in here somewhere. Well, I re-read Maus once my kids started poking at it in the bookshelf. I read Shannon Creech's Moo to the kids -- despite my current suspicion of middle-grade novels-in-verse, in this case the broken-up prose works well to indicate how to read it aloud most effectively. Listening to your parent go "MOOOOOOO" a lot at bedtime is apparently highly entertaining to all.
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