Mar. 31st, 2016

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I had complete intention to post this yesterday, down to opening the window and tucking it away to wait until after I turned in my deliverable to a client. And then after I turned it in, I turned to toast. Now I am no longer toast, so here is my weekly installment.

This week's Earworm Weekly: Hell is other people's earworms.

Reading-wise, I occasionally wonder, in that reflexively self-critical sort of way, whether my standards are too high when it comes to reading, whether I am cutting myself off from some sort of satisfying if fluffy sort of sport reading that almost everybody else in the world (who still reads) seems to enjoy.

And then I pick up a book like Black Deutschland and I think, no. My high standards mean I make room in my schedule for a novel like this, a little off the beaten path but finely executed and endlessly entertaining. I mean, Chicago and Berlin in the 80s, a young gay black protagonist, snark about high-theory architecture. It's delicious and arch and chewy too, and filled with all manner of odd but utterly realistic characters. I am a happy reader this week.

I'm also reading the kids The Cheshire Cheese Cat, an animal fable set in a pub frequented by Charles Dickens and contemporaries. All of the literary references fly over my children's heads, but the interplay between the cats, mice, and a raven from the Tower of London keep them busy while I chortle to myself.


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