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Finger food list, posted for my own reference:

* Cheerios
* Lightly toasted bread or bagels (with spreads optional)
* Small chunks of banana
* Small chunks of other ripe fruit, pitted and peeled (mango, peach, melon, kiwi, etc.)
* Small cubes of tofu
* Well-cooked pasta spirals, cut into pieces, or other small shapes
* Very small chunks of (soft, semi-soft) cheese, or shredded cheese
* cottage cheese, ricotta, yogurt cheese, labneh, paneer
* Chopped hard-boiled egg
* Scrambled egg
* Small pieces or strips of well-cooked vegetables (carrots, peas, sweet potato, zucchini, green beans, etc.)
* Small well-cooked broccoli or cauliflower "trees" (yeah, right -- ed.)
* Pea-size pieces of cooked chicken or other soft meat (ditto)
* Rice cakes, crisp crackers, graham crackers broken into small pieces
* Pancake, waffle, or French toast strips (and spreads)
* Soft cooked brown rice, pressed into small balls
* Ripe avocado slices
* Peanut butter thinned with mashed banana
* Flaked fish (watch for bones!)

Before presenting your child with a finger food, try a bite first and ask yourself:

* Does it melt in the mouth?
* Is it cooked enough so that it mushes easily?
* Is it naturally soft?
* Can it be gummed?
* Is it small enough? Food should be cut into small pieces. The sizes will vary depending on the food's texture. The softer the food, the bigger a piece can be.

P.S. Mom told me last night that I went through a phase of eating *only* finger foods, as I refused to eat from a spoon, yet was too young to handle the spoon myself. Like mother, like daughter*...

P.P.S. Simone very much enjoyed gumming a snap pea pod two weeks ago at the farmer's market, and last night April derived a great deal of enjoyment from a green garlic stalk.

* Yes, only one daughter. Guess which!


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