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1. I am thinking about food a lot, in large part because the process of building twins leaves me vaguely hungry for a large part of the day. I am also learning to snack more efficiently than I have in the past. I still have a ways to go, and I think that way involves cheese and dried fruit, among other things. But I am also just thinking about food in general, and spending time at table, and spending time cooking and shopping and eating, and prioritizing that time. I'd rather do that than sign up for Twitter, if you know what I mean? Which makes me feel old-fashioned sometimes, even quaint. Oh well.

2. It gets worse when gardening season coincides with this all. I am aching to get some dirt into pots right now. I love how concrete growing plants can be. How grounding, if you'll pardon the unintentional pun. Even if I'm still pretty mediocre at it. It's good to have something in my life I am proudly mediocre at, that I don't excel at and yet still brings me joy. That, too, is grounding.

3. I have so much *stuff* to purge. Even if I wasn't trying to find room in my flat for twins. Cookbooks, CDs, and a whole lot of porn, mostly, at the moment anyway. Soon, the clothes closets. P.S. don't I sound all domestic and shit? It's a good thing I'm not crafty or anything, or else I might become insufferable. (Puns on 'handy' have already been entertained as of last weekend, thank you very much.)

4. Don't worry, I am still your sharp-tongued smart-ass friendly neighborhood kinky naughty writerly readerly type. Like that's going to ever change.

5. And you?
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My gardening books and my pregnancy books are shelved side by side. The juxtaposition was unintentional, but now I think of it as my "growing things" shelf.
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Oh, and I forgot the flower!

I bought a potted pansy on Saturday.

I was at the grocery store, which is usually not the best place to buy potted plants -- they're not always in the best of condition, you know. Plus, it's still January. It's too early.

But, I figured, I had time to kill, and it couldn't hurt to check out what was available.

I made it all the way to the last, lowest corner of the plant racks when I spotted it. This pansy...oh, it's so hard to resist the jokes, because this pansy is fierce. It's red and yellow and black and absolutely striking. (Pansies usually come in purple, or yellow, or pastels.) I hate to say "it spoke to me," but, well, it kinda did. I took it home. It's on the porch, awaiting repotting sometime this week.


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