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I'm quoted in an article at the SF Weekly on Bill Brent's legacy for SF's sexual and literary communities. As I said elsewhere, I always kind of cringe in anticipation of what the heck someone's going to pull out of my babble when I talk to reporters, especially under circumstances such as this. (I talk fast, among other issues.)

A couple minor details are incorrect -- Bill was living with AIDS since the early 90s; I'm pretty sure Marilyn Jaye Lewis doesn't live in Hawaii (that one looks like a simple transcription error); I wouldn't call myself the Marketing Director of Black Books per se (I usually put Publicity Coordinator or something similar on my resume b/c I didn't have a formal title, but that's another long story). But overall I think this is a fine article. Chris Hall did a good job here.

Memorial's tomorrow at the CSC; details at the link.
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My rememberance of Bill Brent is up at the Lambda Literary Review.

I spent this morning blasting Hole's Celebrity Skin and crying like mad. It was good, even if it did mean showing up to pick up the kids from preschool with puffy red eyes and all that.

P.S. I'm better now. (Chiropractic visit also contributed to the emotional outpouring I suspect -- you know, "you seem to have a lot knotted up in your shoulders here...") You know how it goes.
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If anyone wants to drop me a link, do. I'll add it. I'll keep updating this as I find stuff.

Chris Hall's piece at the SF Weekly:

Liz Highleyman's obituary in the Bay Area Reporter:

Carol Queen's tribute at the Good Vibes blog:

Thomas Roche's tribute at Tiny Nibbles:

Another nice link from Thomas Roche for Bill:

Susie Bright's tribute:

Marilyn Jaye Lewis:

Marcy Sheiner:

Tom Geller's reminiscence:

Jan Steckel at Goodreads:

Kirk Read on Facebook:

Also on Facebook, Bill's own page:

Bill's blog:

Bill's page at Authorden:

A link for Bill's book Make a Zine, second edition:

And one for The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men:

Bill's story "I Want Candy," via Tom Roche:

A little rant from the "Damn Bisexuals!" issue of Black Sheets (the same one where I first appeared):


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