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Gratuitous cuteness fix, gender ambiguity division.
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Lots going on, not a lot I feel like talking about -- nothing earthshaking, just preoccupied.

So this seems like a good time for some gratuitous kid cuteness.

File Under: Toddlers

Bookshelves or bunk beds? You decide.

Babies' First Pumpkins

Babies' first pumpkins.
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P.S. apparently we didn't get a pic of Simone with the full facial hair, but we got one with the moustache:

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We took the kids trick-or-treating for the first time last night. Basically we just walked one block over and went up and down the street, then back home. I told them afterwards that I have been waiting a very, very long time for this night and how happy I was it had arrived, sticky candy fingers and all. And it's true. They picked up "trick or treat" fairly quickly and also said "thank you" a lot. Seeing other kids in costume was very exciting, and, of course, "candy!" The only hitch was that they didn't want to walk. Next year we may resort to a wagon. My arms are tired.

I had to paint April's face after doing Simone's. So I enhanced her eyebrows and put a dot on her nose.

April yelled at me every time I gave away candy at the door. Heh.
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April models her favorite new fashion look. (When she's really stylin', she adds socks over her hands.)


Sep. 20th, 2010 11:47 am
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Simone's new nose ring
Simone's new nose ring

Simone models her new nose ring.

My family has a story about the time I got my sister to stick Reese's Pieces up her nose--which resulted in a trip to Urgent Care. In other words, everything they tell you about your kids being the revenge of your parents is true. (No urgent care visit from the incident pictured, however.)
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As demonstrated many months ago by the Beyonce meta-video, April is a gifted physical mimic. Today she took to crossing her arms like the Mr. Clean figurine in the living room.

Both ladies enjoyed brushing his hair, too, even though he has no hair. Oh well, that doesn't stop them when it comes to Daddy's bald head, either.

I belive today was our first full day (8-6) together, the ladies and I, sans any other adult help, since before they were walking. It wasn't too bad, though I am a little tired and we didn't even come close to getting out of the house. Though the fog didn't help. I'm planning on trying for one expedition a week at minimum. Suggestions now being taken :)
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April loves her water bottle:


Simone loves her helicopter:


bin baby

Jan. 28th, 2010 10:26 am
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April sits in the former toy bin.


Jan. 25th, 2010 02:43 pm
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Foods that are good for easing constipation in toddlers:

-- leave the skin on

1 t. flax oil a day or
1 T. flaxseed

Bran cereal
Graham crackers
Whole-grain breads and crackers
Beans (inc. chickpeas)
Potato (leave the skin on)
Sweet potato

Lots of fluids
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(please ignore the time stamp on this entry, kthx)

The traditional first-taste-of-birthday-cake pics:



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Baby Dance Party, 40's Style:

April likes to partner-dance to the slow tunes on the 40's satellite radio station. We held one arm out together and swayed back and forth. Her favorite part? The dip. Also, she lets me lead!

Dress Up Days Are Here Again:

Simone likes to place a soft stacking disk on her head and try to wear it. Very stylish, like a pale green pillbox hat. She is also quite fond of draping burp cloths on her head and wearing them, too. She tried to do this with a cushion as well, but failed and resorted to wearing it as a cape, sort of. I see many sessions of dress-up in my future. Thrift stores, here we come.
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1. Pre-verbal pretend play fascinates me. Simone likes to pretend to drink from a cup or cup-like object (like the travel top of a baby bottle); she loves baby dolls; and she has a 'monster' voice.

2. Simone has decided to fuss every time I put her in the high chair. I could do without this habit. She seems to have entered the 'terrible twos' a bit early :P. Fortunately our pediatrician warned us about what he calls 'baby adolescence.'

3. Meanwhile, April is jealous of all adult food. I cannot eat in front of her without sharing, or else enduring her protests. Unfortunately, it turns out a lot of what I eat is not kid-friendly, or else mealtimes would have suddenly become really easy. The kids are good absorbers of certain kinds of leftovers, though.

4. I bought them their first shoes. They're almost ready for them. Walking is definitely on the horizon.


Jun. 4th, 2009 04:32 pm
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One of my daughters likes country music (old-school, plz, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, and cowboy songs mostly, so far). The other one appears to be partial to Latin jazz. (The better to shake a maraca to.) I'll let you guess which is which.
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I can feel April's first tooth!
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The babies' favorite toy is now a red maraca they accidentally stole from the music gathering they go to every Friday morning.

Unfortunately, there is only one maraca -- and it's the new favorite toy of *both* babies.

And it needs to go back next Friday anyway.

I see a shopping expedition in my future.
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I seem to have caused a little controversy at WisCon when I offered up five minutes of baby holding for the Tiptree Award benefit auction. (I did what?! Yes, I did.)

I would just like to point out:

* While there are many things potentially problematic with what I did (and I think I was aware of most of them), issues of body autonomy, babies' boundaries, consent, and stranger anxiety are low on the list, actually.

* I (and the auctioneer) did not auction off anyone's "affection." I/we auctioned off time and access only. (The auction item card read: "5 minutes of twin holding." The rest is called "patter.")

* Those five minutes happened in full view of several hundred people including two of their three parents.

* I know these particular babies well enough to know that they would be OK with it. Different babies, or a different age, would be a different story. Different parents, likewise.

* No, I didn't know the winner. (It was not, therefore, an in-joke among a circle of friends that should have maybe been kept private. For more on that, see below.) I didn't know the woman who offered to hold April on the plane out, either. Yes, that's right, I have been known to let strangers hold my babies. I am a repeat offender.

* It's OK to be disturbed, made uncomfortable, or just downright creeped out by the idea. I was, in fact, kinda going for "funny and wrong (and ultimately harmless)." You wanna argue the last point, you can, but you won't convince me, so please don't do it here. Nonetheless, I am aware that there's an edge there that will be too sharp for some people. Your feelings are your feelings and you have a right to them, and that portion I will respect.

* However, I have been in the leatherdyke community long enough to have no truck with arguments about how we should refrain from certain forms of behavior because of what other people might think, and/or that it's triggery. Take care of your own triggers, please. There are many forms of feminism at WisCon; the kind that says "it disturbs me because of its surface similarity to oppressive stuff; therefore it should never be done in public" is not mine. I simplify a bit for the sake of a short blog post, and for that I apologize, but nor do I want to re-hash the Sex Wars over an auction performance in this space. Kthx.

Overall, I have to say, the hot mustard I fed to Simone on Monday night was probably way more traumatic, and my not tasting it beforehand more worthy of a "bad parent" rap. Fortunately, formula soothes the burn quickly.

P.S. Hi, I'm back!


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