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For the record: Clomid's side effects for me include occasional dizziness, and, yes, vivid dreams.

These dreams tend to be perfectly normal dreams, but as if I were awake. I seem to slip back and forth between vivid dreaming and awakitude easily, as well. You know how sometimes in the morning you will be having a really vivid dream, and then you wake up? That's what it's like all night.
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Several conversations about baby names recently. No, it's not relevant yet. It's been a running joke in my household for years now to make up absurd baby names. Reading Land of Plenty by Fuchsia Dunlop started this particular one off. Plus the citron (that's the fruit pictured a couple entries back). So, for your entertainment:

Top Ten Rejected Color Names For Baby, in honor of Fuchsia Dunlop:

1. Chartreuse
2. Mauve
3. Magenta
4. Canary
5. Aquamarine
6. Maize
7. Umber
8. Burnt Sienna
9. Cerulean
10. Teal

Top Ten Rejected Fruit Names For Baby, in honor of Apple Martin (Paltrow) and Plum Sykes:

1. Gooseberry
2. Banana
3. Tangerine
4. Coconut
5. Pluot
6. Pear
7. Medlar
8. Persimmon
9. Pomegranate
10. Kiwi

Top Ten Rejected Flower Names For Baby

1. Nasturtium
2. Begonia
3. Calendula
4. Statice
5. Nicotiana
6. Phlox
7. Geranium
8. Heliotrope
9. Larkspur
10. Impatiens

Top Ten Rejected Spice Names For Baby, in honor of Cinnamon Stillwell (and Nigella Lawson), and with a tip of the hat to [ profile] gerardp:

1. Cumin
2. Fennel
3. Mace
4. Cardamom
5. Caraway
6. Turmeric
7. Vanilla
8. Sumac
9. Annatto
10. Nutmeg (if only b/c we're soccer fans)


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