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I, on the other hand, want bathroom cabinets I can put a child lock on so that the bathroom is officially childproofed.

And cards. I like cards. And food gifts. Yeah.
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Simone has requested a Triceratops t-shirt for her birthday.
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For once, Mom has a wish list. Just thinking ahead...

Opinel knife set.
Inna Jam annual subscription.
Tender Volume 2
Damn Fine Tea, maritime edition.
Brunch at Brown Sugar Kitchen. (But not on Mother's Day proper, please. Let's have brunch at home that day.)

watch this space...
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Here is my baby registry. I'm still adding things to it here and there, but I think it's more or less ready for prime time at this point.

A few notes:

* Please don't feel compelled to buy me anything from this list, or anything at all.
* Please feel free to buy me things that are not on this list.
* Please feel free to offer services, gift certificates, cash, companionship, etc. instead.
* Please do not feel bound to shop at the merchants mentioned. If you find the same item elsewhere and want to get it for me, buy it at the elsewhere place if that's your preference. (But don't forget to check it off on the registry anyway if you do!)
* Please feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.

Have at it and enjoy!
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If my gift suggestion is too vague for you, I have another: you can always give me a cupcake or seven. I don't care if they're trendy. I loves them.


May. 21st, 2007 09:13 am
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Weekend to follow. First:

1. It looks like I may be reading erotica all WisCon weekend. You know, for work.

2. The last erotica book I read made me cry. (At the Caltrain station, no less. It was a perfectly nice story, too, not dark and intense at all, but pure cotton candy. Explaining why would be a challenge.)

3. The last erotica I wrote made me cry, too. (This is easier to explain.)

4. Hopefully, I will not be revising all WisCon weekend :) But I will have the laptop, just in case.

5. I think I will pass on packing porn, though. Even if it would be for work.

6. Wooden dildos are kind of attractive, no?

7. I added several new userpics, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

8. I forget what eight was for.

9. There is no smile-with-braces emoticon that I am aware of. Feel free to invent one in the comments.

10. Speaking of which, I owe you all a pic of my schmancy rubber bands. Maybe tonight.
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If you love me, you will buy me this shirt.
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I want a pair of suspenders. No, seriously.

(tagged by request.)
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Anyone wanna have that discussion about sexuality and privacy again?

P.S. When that time comes, I want a butch-ass nursing bra with little metal studs. Plus another one with sequins just to fuck with people's minds. If you love me you will make one for my baby shower.
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For the record, I really like garnets.

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And flower pots! And pot hangers for the porch!
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I'm thinking it might be time I owned a set of cheese knives.

Also, an ice cream maker.

I sure do need a lot of frames, too.*

P.S. the tag is by request.

* In fact, it occurred to me to suggest frames to people who wanted to bring us a housewarming present, but by then it was too late.
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All I want for Christmas is a bull castrator.

(Kidding. Mostly.)
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Since I seem to be having a hard time mustering up the initiative to get them for myself:

* A mug for the office
* A plant for the office (that will thrive under fluorescent light)

wish list

May. 24th, 2005 02:46 pm
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A picnic blanket!
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If one says one doesn't like roses, one is often looked at askew. As if one doesn't appreciate senseless beauty, or romance, or anything so impractical as cut flowers.

Not true.

For future reference, and if anyone is curious or keeping score, I like:

Sweet Peas (Peaseblossoms)
Lilies of all sorts
Morning Glories
Violets and Johnny Jump-Ups
Painted Tongues
Lilies of the Valley

But in addition to roses, I am not too fond of:

Tulips (I blame proximity to Holland, Michigan, and that damn jingle)
Carnations (I blame forced high school flower peddling)
Dyed flowers of any sort.

Generally speaking, I seem to prefer simple single blossoms over double blossoms or a profusion of petals -- which may be at the core of my dislike for roses, actually.
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People have been asking me what I want for my birthday. Before I write out an answer, I want to say that no-one has any obligation to provide a single speck of this (and some of it is obviously silly); I'm just putting it out into the universe for the hell of it. In no particular order, then:

* a job for Steven
* a copy of the Chicago Manual of Style, new or used
* a t-shirt that reads, "language is my bitch"
* cake!
* The Encyclopedia of Fermented Foods (I think that's what it's called; I'm reciting from memory)
* a new place to live -- that takes cats, has a gas stove, and maybe a garden or at least a porch. Heating would be the height of luxury at this point.
* bookshelves. And maybe a big CD rack or two while we're at it.
* a delicious dinner out somewhere that I've never been before
* the new edition of Patricia Unterman's Food Guide to San Francisco
* a lasagna pan or deep roasting pan
* a leather daddy from the Leather Daddy Store
* a big roud cake plate
* a dwarf lemon tree in a pot. And wouldn't it be cute paired with a dwarf key lime?
* an ice cream maker
* health insurance
* an iLamp, but just for ergonomics' sake
* a new desk chair, ditto
* a picnic
* an intern to do my filing for me -- oh heck, and a grant to pay them with.

That should do for now.


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