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My father teased me the other day for being behind in my reading (he likes to discuss The Nation with me). "Lori, not having time to read? Really?"

No, not really. I just tend to get most of it done either in the bathroom like normal folks, or while I'm pumping, like, er, normal pumping folks?

So, what am I reading, or have read recently (besides The Nation -- well, Katha Pollitt and Patricia Williams and the reviews, at least)?

Periodicals, although less than I used to: Science News, plus a whole slew of cooking magazines (Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Saveur, Food and Wine, Sunset, Edible East Bay, and a few more irregularly published ones that I've forgotten at the moment).

A lot of cookbooks -- I'm purging my bookshelves at the moment to make way for new additions.

Shark's Fin and Sichuan Peppers, a food memoir by Fuschia Dunlop,

Mother on Fire by Sandra Tsing-Loh,

and, as I mentioned before, My Life and the Kept Woman by John Rechy.

What I haven't really read in a while is any fiction. But I'll get there.

I've been thinking about re-subscribing to one or two magazines to help me keep up with pop culture, in the interests of possibly pitching stories in the future, but I guess the only one I'm seriously considering is Entertainment Weekly.

Eventually, I should start reading blogs and things again, too, but I'm trying to balance staying informed and inspired (and researching potential markets) vs. massive timesuck and RSI damage.
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I'm currently reading The Ovary of Eve: Egg and Sperm and Preformation, a history of 17th and 18th century scientific inquiry concerning the nature of conception. It was a birthday present :) It's an entertaining book in general for science and/or history eggheads like me, but it is especially entertaining reading when you're also up the way.
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OK, What Are We Fighting For? should be required reading for anyone who has ever posed the question, "but what do class and race have to do with feminism?" Or any similar statement thereof. (Yes, I am still irked by that, thank you.)

P.S. I had some of the absolute weirdest coincidences while reading this book -- I would read a paragraph, and then something related would happen in the outside world, and I would just boggle. The best was sitting in the waiting room, reading about touch and power relations, when the toddler sitting next to me reached out to hold my elbow...and was immediately reprimanded by her mother, of course.
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I picked up a new book to read today: What Are We Fighting For? I didn't even make it into the numbered pages before I was audibly thanking the universe for the existence of Joanna Russ.


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